Charity – BeefDip Bear Week


Giving Back to the community of Puerto Vallarta

Over the years BeefDip has helped raise over $145,000 CAD to local charities through our Tidal Wave Pool Party and Fundraiser. We have teamed with several charity organizations over the years and the latest to join are SETAC and RISE Orphanage replica automatic rolex day date mens 228396 rolex calibre 2836 silver tone.

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In 2021 because of the COVID lockdowns we organized a “virtual festival” and fundraising. ON BEAR FEST was a 2-day festival hosted by TikToker Harry Fries and featuring our resident talent Benjamin Koll, Jose Spinnin Cortes, Giaco and DJ TK along with international guests DJ Chris Cox, Tom Stephan, Branden & James and Ariel Perazzoli.  

Benefitting SETAC and Puerto Vallarta Food Bank (which has been helping the Vallarta community with food for people who has lost their jobs due to the global pandemic) we raised close a little over $2500 USD that were split and given to both charities